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The methods used by the family farmers who produce the milk we use are rooted in tradition. But the unique flavors created by our cheesemakers are bold, vibrant, and downright innovative! Shop our website—or visit in person to experience our special line of products for yourself. With new additions rolling out regularly, it’s worth checking back to find the latest offerings from Fieldgate.

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Mild and Fun


Fieldgate Vegetable cheese is another local favorite. You’d never know it contains carrots, onions, celery, tomatoes, peppers and spinach!

Bacon Cheddar

One of the Fieldgate favorites, our bacon cheddar is full of flavor! Enjoy by itself, with crackers, or top your burgers with Fieldgate bacon cheddar. You will not be disappointed!

White Cheddar Cranberry

Sweet, rich, full-flavored and tart. Fieldgate White Cheddar Cranberry is perfect for topping salads, snacking, and is a charcuterie standout and crowd favorite!

Smoked Cheddar

Hickory smoked, to be exact. Our cheese leaves the smoker with balanced smoky flavor and a diamond pattern beautifully set on the cheese.

Ranch Cheddar

Does it really taste like ranch? Yes. Is it creamy and insanely good? Also yes.


With mellow onion flavor, this unique cheese is amazing! Amp up your grill master game with onion cheeseburgers! On the lighter side, shred it over salads or switch things up and use it on a grilled cheese sandwich or panini.

Friendly Garlic

Oh, hey there! I’m glad to be back! Love garlic but hate feeling like you need a breath mint to get through the day? No worries here! Great flavor you won’t regret later. Shred it over your favorite pasta for added enjoyment.

Smoked Swiss

This cheese has the nutty flavors of swiss with a smoky finish. It is best paired with grapes or tart apples, making it a clever addition to any charcuterie board or afternoon snack!


Did you know Farmers cheese was originally made on dairy farms? The milk left over after skimming cream for butter was used to make Farmers cheese. This resulted in a lower fat product with a flavor similar to cottage cheese.

A Little Kick

Habanero Cheddar

One of our absolute favorites here at Fieldgate Cheese is this gem right here! The perfect combination of smooth and spicy. Over the winter months, try our habanero cheddar shredded over chili. You will love it!


Clear the sinuses! This one’s coming in hot! If you love horseradish, you know what we mean. Delight in this variety any way you like.

Hot Pepper

Creamy. Hot. Delicious. A local favorite, this cheese will quickly become a staple in your fridge. This versatile cheese can be shredded, sliced or melted onto pretty much any of your most-loved dishes!

Bacon Jalapeno

New to the Fieldgate family is Bacon Jalapeno. A savory cheese with a kick is what you can expect from this showstopper! You probably won’t want to share it, but if you must, it’s fantastic for homemade mac and cheese.

Chipotle Onion

This earthy, smoky and savory cheese makes a great snack! You can also utilize it at mealtimes. Shred it for tacos or quesadillas or add to any of your favorite Mexican dishes!


Buttery smooth with the warm heat of sriracha flavor. Fieldgate Sriracha melts easily, making it great for cheese dip or homemade mac and cheese.

Pizza Cheese

Who doesn’t like pizza? If you’re familiar with Fieldgate Cheese, you may remember this flavor. Kids love this one for an easy after school snack. As always, toss some on your frozen pizza for supper. You and I both know there’s never enough cheese on those. 😊

Great on Salads & Sandwiches


The perfect companion to wine night is this beauty! Grab your favorite Cabernet Sauvignon to pair with your Fieldgate Gouda…it’s a match made in heaven!


This cheese has a mildly nutty flavor and creamy texture. It’s a great choice for sandwiches and is a welcome addition to any charcuterie board.


Fieldgate Provolone is a semi-hard cheese that has complex, buttery, (and maybe a little nutty) rich flavors. Provolone is a great melting cheese.

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